Little Lad’s on 207

Little Lad’s was recently featured on the 207 program – a feature of WCSH6 in Portland Maine. Titled “Little Lad’s Succeeds With No Ads or Additives” the story aired the week of February 5th, 2018 and can be seen in it’s entirety here:

Wolfe Pack Write Ups Loves Little Lads

“I declare myself THE popcorn-o-holic! I absolutely LOVE popcorn, and this popcorn exceeded my expectations! It has nutritional yeast added to it and with that comes vitamins, amino acids, minerals and protein. I wish everyone could taste this popcorn RIGHT NOW! It’s THAT good! ”

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The Chalkboard calls Little Lads Popcorn one of 10 Health Ideas

Is your office kitchen a foodie wasteland? Here are our top picks for snacks and life-changing tool that will upgrade your healthy snacking game 9-to-5!

“We’re obsessed with this small producer, Little Lads, whose fresh, GMO-free corn is mixed with healthy, delicious herbs, nutritional yeast and sea salt. ”

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More Little Lad’s Popcorn

My affinity for Little Lad’s Herbal Corn is well known documented, so how could I have been completely ignorant of the fact that there are other flavors!?

For starters, there is the Snacker Jacks variety.  Sure, Cracker Jacks are vegan; but the taste is artificially sweet, there are never enough peanuts, and the prizes all stink.  On the Snacker Jacks label, Little Lad’s notes, “The prize in our bag is the nutrition!!!”; how can you not love that unabashed corniness?  (See how I did that?  Corny?  Get it?  Oh, forget it.)

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First family samples the way life should be

Julia Freifeld of Raleigh, N.C., was sure she knew one stop the Obamas would make during their weekend getaway on Mount Desert Island.

She staked out Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium on Main Street in Bar Harbor. “They are going to bring their daughters here,” she said Friday afternoon.

On the streets of this popular tourist town…

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