The secret to our granola?   Shh…it’s slow baked for easy digestion.

 Whole grains contain many nutrients, but they aren’t helpful unless you can easily digest them, which is why at Little Lad’s, we bake our granolas for hours and hours in order to change the starches to easily digested polysaccharides.

John Harvey Kellogg, MD, was the first person to make granola. His formulas contained twice-baked bread for easy digestion and to promote healing in his patients.  Without understanding his philosophy, but trying to duplicate Kellogg’s success, modern granola makers compensate for hard-to-digest grains by using “ovenized” rolled oats. Unfortunately, most granolas sit in your stomach and pass poorly digested, leaving many people with low energy and the idea that they suffer from allergies or digestion disorders.

So, feel free to try one or all of our healthful granola flavors, and let us what you think!