We love hearing from our customers. Here are just a few of the many kind words customers have sent to us!

“I just tried one of your vegan ice cream and Oh my!!!! It is AMAZING!! Much better than other brands out there!! Thank you!!”

“Hi! So I randomly decided to buy your Garlic Buttah popcorn in Whole Foods because I was having a fat day. I never expected it to be SO DELISH! I was so impressed I ended up eating the entire bag in like 10 minutes. Afterwards I forced myself to look at the calories and was PLEASANTLY surprised that it was only 320 cals for the entire bag!!! I can’t believe it! Needless to say I will absolutely be purchasing your products again. Good job guys! Two thumbs up :)”

“Tried your Snacker Jacks Popcorn.Perfect flavor I found this in Tradewinds in Calais.”
~John Harmon

“I love your popcorn!!!!
Only speaking to the 5oz packaging. Would love to see it offered in a shorter and wider package. This way two hands can get in there at the same time, polish it off it one sitting then high five getting that delicious seasoning all over us.”


“I love your products. Your business shows Maine’s quality products. Do you sell your fruit tarts online? I buy them at local health food stores and love all flavor so. Keep up the good work. Thanks.”